Robot Commands

Last updated: February 12, 2021

In the Basic Operations Course, users were introduced to three robot commands: LABEL, REM, and CALL. In this course, you will learn additional robot commands and learn how to structure those commands in a program to perform loop routines and conditional operations.

There are numerous command types in the robot, this course is limited to FLOW commands and Numerical Calc commands. Along with the commands, you will learn about the different types of variables and how they relate to different commands.

After completing the videos, there are three program challenges to test your understanding of command and logic flow. In the ‘Materials’ tab, you will find algorithmic flow charts that you can use to practice programming with the teach pendant.


There are four programming challenges in the download. With each challenge, the difficulty level increases. There are commands in Challenge 3 and Challenge 4 that will require additional research on your part.